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About Us

Difficult Access Solutions (DAS Ltd.) was established to operate in the area of building maintenance.

Established to operate in the area of building maintenance. The company benefits from the very strong experience of its shareholders in the sector and expertise gained from several strategic partners. Our headquarter is located in Kigali – Rwanda and we work in the areas of building maintenance, Internal and external cleaning, painting and installation of billboards / brandings on buildings.

Thanks to the experience and professionalism of our team, we offer a timely quality service on time and our partner’s network allow us to provide you the best cost effective service.

 Main activities

Our services include the maintenance of buildings and houses, restoration of different buildings’ parts that are normally inaccessible by any other means than by the use of ropes. All this done in order to maintain the cleanliness and brand image of the Rwandan city from every angle in both inside and outside of buildings.
The main objective of DAS is to gradually develop a local expertise by providing trainings for apprentices.

We intend to develop other activities around the houses’ roofs inspired by the current latest international standard applied abroad.

One of the company leaders, namely Mr. Gandega Kassa, has a wide expertise in this sector developed over the last ten years and brings his know how to meet a growing need in the Rwanda sector to maintain Tours of Upper and Middle Size as well as new construction.
Our target clientele consists mainly of:

  • Public Sector buildings;
  • Private Sector Office blocs buildings;
  • Individual houses;
  • Billboards


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